28 October 2016

Five on Friday {October 28}

Hey y'all,

It has been another busy week and I cannot believe that we have made it to Friday already. This weekend is packed with seeing friends for a Harry Potter party, a Halloween party, two coffee dates, and the usual serving and attending church. I'm hoping I can squeeze watching a Halloween themed movie in there as well.

one.Blog Friends. Lsat night, Ashley from According to Ashley and I met up for dinner. Ashley just moved down to the Land of the Pines and it was so nice to meet in real life. Ashley and I have been email/blog friends since my first blog-Jane Austen Meets Southern Prepster circa 2010! I deleted that blog but I have comment evidence on a post from Preppin' Postgrad back in 2012. I'm excited for lots of adventures here in the Triangle.
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two. Fitbit.I have the fitbit flex and wore if for a little over a year when back in March, I developed a rash. My doctor informed me that I was allergic/sensitive to the band of my fitbit. I tried a few different fitbit bands to see if the rash was from a specific dye in the bands but it wasn't working out. So I resigned not wearing a fitbit. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Tory Burch had her private sale and the Tory sport fitbit bands were on major sale. I ended up snagging the silver and black leather double wrap bracelet for under $50!

three.Partly Cloudy. Thursday, one of my co-workers shared this Pixar short with us since she self-identified as being a dark cloud in a lot of our meetings.
four. David's Tea. I am a big fan of celebrating each holiday separately and since we still haven't passed Halloween I don't want to chat to much about Christmas but some adorable advent calendars are now available including this one from David's Tea. I'm trying to convince myself that I do not need it since I have plenty of tea.
24 Days of Tea

five.Hamilton's America. Y'all, if you did not watch Hamilton's America on Friday, go to pbs.com or the PBS app and watch it! It was a great mix of the history behind the musical and the making of the show. I may have already watched it three times. You have until November 18th before it disappears.Image result for hamilton america

Six. Likes on Facebook. If you haven't been on Facebook to like someone's post, try it out today. They have changed the emotions to Halloween themed characters. I personally love the monster of Dr. Frankenstein is the sad face. 

What are y'all up to this weekend? 
Halloween parties? 

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  1. HA! I hadn't seen the facebook halloween things! Have a great weekend! GG

  2. You do need that calendar!! ;-) LOVE tea! Happy weekend gorgeous!!

  3. I lost my FitBit yesterday! I was so upset. It must have fell off right off my wrist. So upsetting since I only got it in July. Love your new band for it. It's so fab. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. So glad you posted about the Halloween FB emojis! Can't wait to start emoji-ing on people's posts :) Also, I agree with you 100% about celebrating each holiday before moving on to the next!

  5. Love the new Fitbit band! So cute. Lost mine last week and can't for the life of me find it. Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. So glad we got to grab dinner! I can't wait for more adventures!

  7. I'm getting ready for some Halloween parties tonight! Also, I am a fellow Tar Heel myself! Go Heels <3


  8. Eeeep! What an awesome purchase from the Tory Burch sale!

    And I totally missed the Halloween-themed reactions on Facebook. Those are positively adorable.

    Anddd I think I need to buy that Tea Advent Calendar...


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