13 October 2016


Hey y'all,

This post marks 100 posts on this here blog and Sunday marks one year of Just Jess.It's crazy to think this is my third blog and I am finally feeling like this space is me. I wrote my first blog, Jane Austen Prepster while in college after having a Tumblr by the same name and it essentially became an online scrapbook. My second attempt is still out there, Preppin' Postgrad, but now that we are more than 4 years since I graduated I wanted a space that could grow with me. In the last year I have been encouraged by real life friends who blog and the blogging community to keep going. Some of the lessons I have learned in the last 100 posts include:

To keep sharing the things I love as evidenced in my top posts are all Five on Fridays.
To connect with others always. I have some of the best blog readers and I love starting conversations over email that spark from a comment. 

To stop apologizing. I think this is my hardest lesson but I think as women we often go to apologizing over things first. I blog when I feel like writing. I do not post when I feel like I have nothing to say/no inspiration. I have over 20 blog posts in the draft stages but I refuse to hit publish unless I feel like it is really my voice. If this blog is supposed to be Just Jess, than I need to make sure that my content is 100% me. 

To share the mundane. I love reading other people's lifestyle posts and hearing about weddings, kids, and the little things so I need to remember that my audience might just love those things as well. 

Rest is valuable. My word of the year is simple and rest. This blog has been a great way to reflect and remind myself of simple joys and pleasures. I think the blog world has become a place that often we can go into a pit of comparison but I hope my blog shows you simple is to be celebrated. 

If you blog, what lessons have you learned recently? 
What kinds of posts do you love to read? Recipes? Lifestyle? Fashion? Faith?


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  1. Yes to stopping apologizing! I felt pressured for so long to post within a certain time frame, but that resulted in a lot of stress and meaningless posts. It is so freeing to let go of that!

  2. Congrats on hitting a 100 blog posts!!!


  3. YES! I love reading blogs about NORMAL people. Sometimes I feel like I get so caught up in trying to make this look pretty and perfect that I forget why I started reading blogs in the first place!

  4. "Simple is to be celebrated" - LOVE that! And love your blog! Congrats on 100 posts! :)


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