30 September 2016

Five on Friday {September 30}

Hey y'all,

We have made it to Friday!! I do not have major plans this weekend which is nice since I need some rest after a busy week. My plans include cooking, laundry, cleaning my apartment, cheering on the Tar Heels and hanging out with a friends dog. As always, here is a list of my five favorite things this week.

one. Get Clean Tea. I have been feeling off this week after one to many indulgences this weekend so I have been sipping this tea everyday. It just helps me feel betterand with the warmer temperatures I have been making tea like crazy at work (10 am and 2pm tea time!)

two. the Library. This past Tuesday I swung by the library after bible study and it was great to just wander and grab books. Recently I have just been requesting books and making 5 minute or less stops at the library to grab the hold off the shelf and run out. It was nice to just be there. As a kid of a librarian libraries will always feel like a safe space.

three. Old Navy. Y'all, Old Navy has some of the cutest pieces right now and I am banning myself from going in store since I know I will want to buy all the things. This dress and tote are at the top of my list.
This top is currently under $25!

four. Running Shoes. It is time to replace my Brooks GTS 14 (I bought a pair on major clearance last Fall) and I would love to know y'alls favorite running shoes. I will go get measured again at Fleet Feet this weekend but I over-pronate and have narrow feet so my selection tends to be slim but it's fun to look at everyone's favorites.

five. Tone it Up 31 day challenge. I love TIU and this October they are having a 31 day fitness challenge. I'm excited to work hard and continue with some healthy habits I reformed.

Link up with April, Christina, and Natasha.

Any big plans for your weekend?

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  1. Old Navy has been killing it lately. Although, I'm a tad annoyed with their sizing. I order petite pants and I swear they are regular length. They are sooo long. On a good note, I'm gonna return them to the store and see what else they have. haha Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Old Navy has had some super cute things lately! Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Old Navy always comes through with some clutch things each season! I always forget about them and can never remember why I don't shop there on a regular basis!

  4. Old Navy always gets me! I start with one thing and end up leaving with five (just like Target!) :)


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