04 August 2016

Tell Me About It Stud

Hey y'all,

When my life is not an emotional roller coaster I will post more but I will let you know that I have beautiful photos from the wedding I was in to share as well as some exciting news in regards to becoming a pet mom.

However, that's not today's topic. I always wore fun earrings throughout high school and middle school (let's be honest, really since I was able to change out my earrings after they got pierced as a birthday present in fourth grade at icing aka Claire's). However, when I went to college I realized that wearing pearl studs meant you didn't have to scrounge around looking for a pair of earrings in my jewelry organizer, they matched everything, and I could wear them non-stop and just take them out to shower. Since then, I have been converted to a studs person. Yes, I do change it up some but on a day to day basis I am probably rocking pearl studs or my favorite bow earrings from Kate Spade. So I thought I would share some stud earrings that have caught my eye recently. These are perfect for work or even giving as a gift since they are all under $50 a pair some are even under $25 with the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom.


And I spotted a few other pairs I admire from Swell Caroline when shopping their bangle sale and I had to share these pineapple studs that are under $30.

Are you a fan of stud earrings?
Do you have go-to daily jewelry?

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  1. Haha! I love this cute and clever title (and post)!

    Pearl studs are one of my go-tos, as well! Recently, I've been really into Kendra Scott earrings. I just love their fun shapes and colors.

    P.S. Cannot WAIT to hear about you being a pet mom!!!

  2. I love stud earrings too! So easy and go with everything.


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