01 August 2016

Miscellany Monday {Weekend Update/Currently}

Hey y'all,

Sorry to disappear for a week. It was a busy week getting my new roommate settled, mattress shopping, and of course doing the normal things like work. However, it's the start of the month and I already have some posts planned for the upcoming week so hopefully radio silence won't occur a lot in August. Also, sorry for the lack of pictures it was a really quiet/cleaning weekend.

Friday night I had a nice night in, I went to Taco Bell after consistently talking to someone about it (I go maybe 4 times a year) and then proceeded to have a night of folding laundry, watching Hotel Transylvania 2, finishing season 4 of Elementary and staying up until almost 5am since I had caffeine with dinner. Yep. Not a good thing.

Since the whole not going to bed until 5am, I ended up waking up at 10am having missed my typical cycle class. I talked to my parents for a while, did the dishes,  read for a bit, and debated about running errands but instead worked on posting items to my Poshmark closet. At 3:30pm I headed to church to teach my preschoolers, attended church and then made it to Kohls to return a mattress foam pad and then made it home for dinner and watching more Hulu.

Since I attend church on Saturday, Sundays are my day of rest. They began with some devotional time and then meeting my old roommate Meghan to help her move her dinning table out. After that happened, I made my list and headed to the grocery store. It's super-double coupon week at the Harris Teeter so while I didn't need a ton of things, I grabbed some staples with my coupons like tomato sauce, Tylenol, and some cereal. I also ran over to Target to get the glamorous Brita filters, a shower curtain liner, and a few items for my church's backpack drive. 
Meghan came back that afternoon to grab her mattress, box springs, and bed frame and I decided it was time for a workout. After a quick 30min cardio session it was time to tackle some of the mess in my room-shredding documents, filing some things away, putting away laundry, etc. 
The rest of the evening was spent talking to my roommate Betsy. We did adult things like order a sectional for our living room and a new tv stand. 
Watching-Jane the Virgin. My new roommate Betsy has declared it will be our first binge-watching show.

Listening-When I'm not listening to KLove I've been obsessed with Hamilton: An American Musical's soundtrack or the soundtrack to Outlander.
Reading-I actually have been back into reading the past week or so. I finished the Love by Numbers series by Sarah MacLean and got back into Elizabeth Boyle with her Rhymes with Love series.

Loving-The message from church this weekend was on Jonah and there were some points that really hit me especially about punishment in regards to provision and our preferences. When the sermon posts online I will link it here.

Wearing-All the dresses! This heat is no joke in NC! I have worn my LOFT striped swing dress on repeat. You can see it in this post.

Eating-Today's meal plan includes Raisin Bran with Almond Milk for Breakfast. Mandarin Oranges for a snack. Either Quiznos or Jimmy Johns for lunch since my salad from Saturday did not keep well in the fridge. Steak, salad and rosemary fries for dinner.

How was your weekend?

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