30 August 2016

August Favorites

Hey y'all,

It has been almost a month since I blogged and I'm sorry if you stopped by and were sad to see this space had not been updated. I have spent the last month busy at my new job and trying to spend lots of quality time investing in people. From friends who went through unexpected breakups, driving to Charlotte in order to have lunch and catch up with my sorority big, and seeing my parents a lot between moving out my old bed frame and them coming to help replace my car battery life has been great. I thought I would share ten of my favorite things, events, products, etc. from the last month.

one. The Olympics. Every time the Olympics come around I tend to stop all other activity during prime-time TV time. I mean, I was a competitive swimmer as a child so I was glued to the tv every night and anytime I hung out with others who were not swimmers it was fun to inform them of all the various rules and quirks of competitive swimming like lane locations.
We decorated the apartment for the Olympic Games

two. 6am workouts. Y'all, if you know me in real life you know how much I value sleep but this week I have been getting in a workout at 6am. Just 30 quiet minutes of cardio to start my day. Let's hope I can make this a consistent change. I have a friend that I text in the morning when my workout is complete.

three.Stress Relief Lotion in Eucalyptus Tea. I bought this on a whim when I went to Bath and Body Works with a friend. I love the sleep aromatherapy pillow mist but this new scent was amazing and the lotion sits on my desk at work. I'm now interested to smell the sandalwood and rose scent they just released.

fourSimplified Planner. Y'all, I will post a full review but I have been loving my planner especially when I have had busy weeks. The to-do list everyday is probably my favorite feature. The calendar year planners release next week.
five. New Bed. So I officially upgraded from the bunk beds I have slept in the majority of my life (think 5 years old). Yep, I'm now a real adult. The bunk beds were a blessing when I moved out of my parent's house since it meant I didn't have to purchase a bed frame or mattresses but now that my baby sister has an official full time job I gifted the bunk bed to her. I am still debating on rearranging my room now but we shall see.
From This..
 To This...

six. Naked Smokey Palette. I have surprisingly been loving this palette for quick looks for daytime and evening.

seven. Romance Reads. I have always been a fan of historical romance and this month I got back into reading some of my favorite authors. I am almost done with Elizabeth Boyle's It Rhymes With Love series and I read the Love by Numbers series by Sarah Maclean when I realized it connects back with the Rules of Scoundrels series so I am rereading those books.

eight.Cat Drama Complete. So I wrote on my blog that I was becoming a cat mom. Essentially, my parents have two cats and this summer due to one of the cats becoming aggressive towards the other (she puffed up and went after our boy cat twice) the cats have been separated. After trips to the vet and some of the medicine not working out my parents decided that I would take in one of the cats. Well, about a week after that decision was finalized the cats saw each other and were fine and even played together well. We have been cautious since then but they are doing well. They do have a pheromone plugin that we think is contributing to keeping them calm and okay but so far its been over a month of them back together and no major worries.

nine. C9 Champion Women's Performance Cami. I grabbed three of these tanks this past weekend and I am already in love. The loose fit is flattering and my local Target had them on clearance for 50% off.

ten. Dairy Free Items. Since I am now dairy-free this month I found even more options/swaps for me to enjoy, from vegan pizza, butter, cookie dough, bottled ranch, and more. I might even make a separate post one of these days.

What have been your favorites this month?

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  1. I would give anything to be a morning workout person. I can never pull it altogether but would LOVE to have it all out of the way, bah humbug. Love the new bed! Can't beat free but I bet it's nice to have just a single bed for a change! I love the Naked Smokey palette as well! I use it for work and night.

  2. Hurrah! So glad you're back to blogging, and I just love lists such as these! :)

    I love the Olympics, but for some reason, we didn't get to watch as much of them this year. Of course, we still found time for the gymnastics and swimming competitions, though!! I LOVE your new bed frame! And we have the same lamp :)

    Congrats on the 6am workouts--that takes some serious dedication! I really like the idea of beginning the day with quiet cardio. It sounds blissful.

    Also, I have two Naked palettes, and I think they're 5 and 3 years old, respectively, and still have lots of eye shadow left! They last forever!

  3. Love your bed transition. I had the same white bunk bed growing up lol. I have the same Naked palette, love it. I used to have the old urban decay eyeshadow boxes that were a little bulkier so I'm loving the transition to slimmer palettes that I can carry with me.

  4. LOVE the new bed! So grown up! ;)


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