12 July 2016

July Goals

Hey y'all,

This past weekend I decided to finally sit down and write out my goals for the month and for accountability reasons, I thought I would share them here. I'm going with simple, attainable and meaningful goals. Lara Casey's Powersheets are very helpful and if you didn't read my 2016 goals and word of the year you can read that post here. I also feel like since my IRL friend Traci posted her goals and we do monthly check-ins I should share as well. So my goals need to help me get towards a life of rest and simple. 

one. a week without dairy. I have been officially diagnosed as lactose intolerant for six months and it has been a year since I really started to suspect that dairy and I are not friends. However, I tend to still indulge and take medicine to allow me to enjoy. I know my body is much happier when I am off dairy so we are starting small and going with a full week without any dairy or milk ingredients hiding in things. I even have a Pinterest board for some inspiration and I made zucchini bread last night that was non-dairy (I swapped the oil for applesauce and the walnuts for enjoy life chocolate chips).

two. re-adopting simple & healthy habits. Now that I am not stress eating and we have passed all major food related holidays for a while it's time to get back to simple small steps to get my health back. My three mini goals I know I can stick with are: Go to the gym three times a week. Drink a minimum of 64 oz of water. Cook more.

three. read 6 books. I haven't been reading a whole lot over the last few months with job searching, prepping for interviews, and then spending time with my roommate watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch so one of my goals this month is to get back to reading since I love it and it's a great way to unwind. I've already read 2 books so we have 4 more to go.

four.Write the Word. There are so many resources to get into the Lord's word and I love the idea of reading a chapter a day in the Gospels like Traci is doing but for me, right now, I'm being called to just focus on small parts and write out the word. I use these Write the Word journals but have also written the word in a journal I have through this list of verses on Sweet Blessing's blog. My goal is to write the word at least four times a week.

five. Get my budget under control. I know that I tend to shop when I'm emotional and that's not the best thing for my budget. Yes, I am about to pay off another student loan meaning 2 down and 2 to go but that doesn't mean that I can spend all that extra money. I have a few big purchases I'm planning over the next few months like a new bed frame, upgrading my phone, etc. so I need to wrangle my budget/unnecessary spending.

six. Find and Eye Doctor and Make an Appointment. Y'all, I can't even tell you how long it has been since I have gone to an optometrist. I don't have glasses or contacts but I still feel like you are supposed to go every few years and the last time I remember was probably high school or early college meaning more than 5 years. I guess I should be an adult and do that. If you are in the Triangle area and have suggestions please share!

Do you set monthly goals?

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  1. I love all of these monthly goals posts that I see. I'm hoping to start doing that sometime soon! I think it'll help hold me accountable!

  2. I hope you achieve all these goals and more !


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  3. Budget that's a hard one for me. Yeah, I have one but, I sometimes over spend on things. I can't even tell you what some of them are, but my accountant can tell me.


  4. Budgeting is a hard one for me! I always find it so hard to stick to it, especially in the summer when there are so many fun things to do!!


Thank you for your sweet message!

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