22 July 2016

Five on Friday {July 22}

Hey y'all,

Happy Friday! Get ready for one of the most random Five on Friday posts yet. As always I'm linking up with Tif, April, Christina, Natasha, and Heather.

one. Baby Sis. My baby sister Kate or kDi moved to Texas and began working full-time as a Zoo Keeper this week! We are all so happy for her. For the last year and a half she has been working on a wild life conservatory in Ohio but the majority of her time up there was an unpaid apprenticeship so YAY for benefits and a salary!
Throwback to her graduation from NC State

two. Mattress Foam Topper. Y'all, I scored this mattress topper for under $60 regularly $180 pre-tax! I'm upgrading to a Queen mattress since my old roomie was getting rid of hers when she moved out so now I just need to get a mattress pad and a bed frame.

three. Dinner Dates with Friends. I typically try to cook during the week but between going home for the weekend, turning around and going to DC the following weekend, and then pet-sitting Sunday night-last night cooking has not been a priority. I however, used that to my advantage and caught up with three different friends for dinner this week! Sometimes you just need to not grocery shop and instead ask deep questions over flights of Sangria at CPK (ps. the Strawberry Lime Margarita was also delicious).

four.Sarah Maclean's Love by Numbers Series. I finished the second and third book in this series this past week and I realized her other series, The Rules of Scoundrels which I had previously read overlaps with this series. Now I want to go back and re-read those!
five. A Weekend In. After traveling the last two weekends I'm happy to be home this weekend. My big plans include helping my new roommate move in, going to cycle, book club, and lots of sleep in my own bed.

What are you currently reading?
Any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Sometimes a low-key weekend in is just what you need! I've got one of those coming up next weekend, and I couldn't be more excited. Cleaning, laundry & napping are a top priority :)

  2. I am totally with you in enjoying a weekend in! Have a good one!


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