22 June 2016

Wedding Wednesday {Bachelorette Weekend}

Hey y'all,

I thought since it is finally wedding week, I thought I should share the details from the Bachelorette Weekend I planned during Memorial Day weekend. *Picture Heavy post ahead!

So, Ash and I headed down Friday morning to Wilmington, NC. We rented a townhome off of HomeAway and it was the perfect location, just before the bridge to Wrightsville and not too far from downtown. Ash and I headed to the grocery store and then set to decorating the place.

My roommate helped make the pennants from scrapbook paper and then I coordinated the goodybags for everyone.
I grabbed the bags from Groopdealz, the v-necks from Etsy (the bride also had two tanks, a sash, and a veil in her bag), and the beach spikes were ordered from Etsy plain and then a friend monogrammed them.
A lot of decor was grabbed at DollarTree and FiveBelow(like these lanterns)!

After decorating the house we still had a few hours before the rest of the group made it down so we headed to the beach. It was perfect weather and we stayed out from 4pm-7pm. Then we headed back to the house to start making dinner-tacos!
An Appropriate Beach Book

The rest of the night was planned to be a spa night but we ended up just hanging out, watching the first episode of the Bachelorette, catching up and playing a game called, How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette.

The next morning we got up early and made brunch including mimosas for a "Pancakes & Panties" lingerie shower before heading to the beach!
We got to the beach around 10am and stayed until the weather looked threatening around 2pm. We headed back to the house and lounged around eating yummy snack, watching DCOM movies (it was Disney Channel Original Movie weekend),  and napping before dinner.

Dinner was at 7:30pm at the Pilot House in downtown Wilmington, right on the water. It was so delicious.
Of course we took a few selfies at our "photobooth" area of the house.
With Jordan
I had the fried shrimp with fries and coleslaw. 
The cocktails I'm told were delicious but I was playing DD.

All of us.

After dinner, we ran back to the house to grab a wallet that was left in a beach bag {always double check!}. Then we headed to downtown Wilmington and went dancing at a Russian themed bar.

We got home late and went straight to bed.

Sunday morning we headed down to Carolina Beach to stand in line for Britt's Donuts. We got there a little late in the morning(around 10am) so we ended up waiting about an hour but these donuts are amazing. There is only glazed but they melt in your mouth. Plan on getting at least two per person.

After Britts, we headed to the Ivy Cottages to look for antique mirrors for the wedding decor. We decided that we all had really bad sunburns so heading back to the beach wasn't the best idea and it was supposed to rain again all day.

We did find some mirrors and then had pizza and salad at lunch back at the house. We continued to watch more DCOMs, painted nails, put on face masks, and hung out chatting.

That night we headed to P.T.'s Grille. It has the best fries and was one of the bride's favorites in Chapel Hill before they closed that location. After dinner, we broke out some drinks, played pin the macho on the man, Heads Up and some Apples to Apples.

Monday morning, we packed up, cleaned up and went to Famous Toastery for breakfast before heading back. I was home in the Triangle by 12:30pm after such a fun weekend.

Now to prepare for another busy & fun weekend with great friends!

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