05 June 2016

Sunday Sayings {June 5}

Morning, y'all,

One small update that has happened in the last month is giving up my Sunday nannying job. I used to work for a family on Sunday mornings from 7:30am-1pm since both parents worked at churchs and were unable to care for their two kids. I would meet them at their church, hanging out with them, send them to Sunday School and to service and during that time worked for the church's nursery, then take the kids home for lunch and watch a movie or play for a bit. However, the Lord placed rest on my heart a lot over the past few months and this was an act of obedience. I love the family I worked for but having a full day of rest was important. It's been four weeks since I left and while I miss them, I love that on weekends like this one I'm not stressed out by a long to-do list with half a day to finish. My plans for today are yoga or a walk, going to the grocery store, barre3 class in the afternoon, meeting up with my bible study leader and cleaning.
This verse was really powerful to me amidst my months of struggle and was something I prayed over a lot. It's hard when you are seeking the Lord's will when your own heart is rebelling against that. I'm a Type-A who loves to be in control but always in my time of waiting I am brought back to a posture of submission and a reminder that patience and faith are more important than what I seek.

Happy Sunday! 

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