17 June 2016

Five on Friday {June 17}

Hi y'all,

I can't believe that it's Friday already! I'm headed to visit my parents for the weekend and I'm excited for hair cuts, great food, celebrating Father's Day, and more. Here are five things I've been loving this Friday!

one. The Tony Awards. I am a huge musical theater fan and I look forward to the Tony awards every June. I just counted and I've seen almost 20 different Broadway productions! This year I was cautious of James Corden but he did a great job as host and the performances were wonderful. However, my favorite two moments were the Law & Order roll call and when Jake Gyllenhall performed A Whole New World.
two. The Schuyler Sisters. Speaking of the Tony's I can't ignore the amazing amount of awards Hamilton won.I loved the performance of the Schuyler Sisters at the end of the Tony's. It is one of my favorite songs of the whole show.
three. Kendra Scott Alex Earrings. I went to a Kendra Scott Color Bar Party my friend Traci won this week and I created these magenta/gold pair. These are the smaller size of the Alexandra and are smaller than the traditional Danielle style as well. I wore them yesterday and I have a teal and gold pair on my wishlist now.

four.Pool Time. This past Sunday I spent 4+ hours at my complex's pool and I'm excited to spend some more relaxing time in my parent's pool this weekend when I go visit. There is nothing more restful than a book, a pool float, and sunshine.

five.Finding Dory. Yes, I will be going to see Finding Dory this weekend with all the kids ever but me and my Mom love Disney and don't mind going in a theater full of littles.
What are you up to this weekend?


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