10 June 2016

Five on Friday {June 10}

Hi y'all,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, apparently I only saved them as drafts instead of scheduling them. Whoops! I guess I am still getting used to blogging again.

Here's my five on Friday:

one. Meredith Espadrille Wedges. I am in love with these wedges and they are currently on sale for under $25! I wore them to work yesterday and received a lot of compliments and my feet felt great even with running up and down between floors.

two. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay. I picked up this peel off mask a few weeks ago and I love it! It's perfect to put on at night while catching up on some TV shows. Just warn people when you are wearing it since it is a real red color and you don't want them thinking you need to go to the dr. I'm also interested in their Facial Radiance Overnight Mask.

three. Elementary. I started to watch Elementary back when it first premiered back in 2012 and I was living at home with my parents before starting my first job post-grad. Well, I found it on Hulu and have binge watched seasons 1-3. Now to wait for season 4 to arrive on Hulu.

four.Quiet Weekends. This is my only quiet weekend this month. My only plans are teaching my sweet 4&5year olds at church, going to church, and lots of workouts between cycle, yoga, and a barre3 class.

five. Big News. It's official! I got an offer Wednesday and turned in my notice yesterday. I am changing jobs. It has been a long journey (over a year) and I'm excited for my new position. I will post more later, but I have two more weeks in my current department. It had been a busy week with telling co-workers and beginning the process of wrapping things up so thanks for your patience with my blogging over the last few months! I can finally dedicate free time to getting back to my health & blogging instead of stress eating+ job hunting.

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