01 April 2016

Five on Friday {April 1}

Hey y'all,

It's Friday meaning I will actually post a list of things I am loving this week. I hope that you are not fooled by the April Fools pranks this year! This weekend looks like it will be pretty busy but filled with a lot of fun for me between babysitting, cycle, bridal shower, church and lots of sports.

one. Baby sister. The baby sister is in town right now and we are grabbing an early dinner tonight. She lives in Ohio and has spent a few weeks down here in NC visiting our parents and some friends before she starts her new job.
Mom, Baby Sister, and I before the Lion King performance a few weeks ago.

two. Outlander. If you are not aware, Starz this weekend has the entire first season of Outlander available for FREE! I got the DVD of Season one, Part one for my Mom for Christmas and we had a marathon of six episodes in January one weekend. I got my Mom season one part two for her birthday next week and we will probably watch it together the next weekend I go down to visit. Look at this gorgeous photo from season two!

three. Whole30. I am back on the Whole30 train. Let me know if you want me to post things like my meal plan, what I eat in a day, tips/tricks, etc.

four. World Figure Skating Championships. This year Boston is hosting the World Figure Skating Championships. The events started on Wednesday afternoon and will continue through the weekend. I have plans to watch it with a friend on Sunday since she has DVR'ed the competition. I believe NBC will be replaying a lot of the Championships next weekend.

five. Final Four. My Tar Heels are still alive! I will be rooting for my alma mater this weekend and hope the Heels can make it into the Championship game on Monday. I might be currently leading the office bracket challenge and hope that I can come out on top if the Heels make it all the way!
What are your plans for this weekend?
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  1. Happy Friday! I'd love to see some Whole 30 meal plans. I follow 21 Day Fix for my nutrition but a lot of the recipes work so well for both. Now, post baby, I've got to get back on track, too. No more excuses for late night brownies. Hope you enjoy this time with your sister! :)

  2. Best wishes with the Whole 30!! A few of my friends did it in January and they were pleasantly surprised by the results!! =) I'm also so excited for Outlander to come back too!!! I just love that show!! =)

    Have a great weekend!! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  3. OMG OUTLANDER!!!!! i think i might need to rewatch season 1. holy mackerel that picture is gorgeous. i cannot wait for season 2! yay!
    good luck with the whole 30!

  4. Go Heels! Hope you have a fab weekend!

  5. Your sister lives in Ohio? Awesome! That's where I'm at, too :)

    Okay, so I've had the Outlander books sitting on my shelf for a while now (I kept vowing to get to them once I finished grad school). It sounds like it's time I finally read them!!!

    And congrats to your Tarheels!!! :)


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