28 March 2016

Miscellany Monday{Life Update}

Hey y'all,

I know it has been a few weeks and I even started a few Friday Five posts but I thought I would share some of the major things that have been keeping me away from spending my free time on this little blog.

Easter/Holy Week. This past week was one of the most important weeks in the church calendar. I help out in the nursery for one of the churches in town so Thursday-Sunday of this past week I spent at least two hours each day helping out during all the services.

March Madness. In NC in March, life revolves around the NCAA tournament. I mean, my Tar Heels are in the FINAL FOUR! It has been a lot of fun watching the games with friends and cheering on my alma mater. I just wish they would stop putting our games on so late(10pm tip-off I am looking at you), I am a grandma and need my sleep.

Pollen. March also brings our lovely friend pollen. I love the spring flowers but my allergies are attacking me so Claritin is one of my besties.

Office Changes. My work life has been crazy. Over the last two weeks offices on my hall were flooded due to some crazy rainstorms, painters were in to refresh the halls, and Wednesday night we were told we have one day to pack everything up since everyone on my floor is temporarily moving while they fix some issues/take out some dry wall. It's been an adventure but hopefully everything will calm down this week!
My office in boxes last week.

Lion King. IT WAS AMAZING! I had so much fun going to see the Lion King with my parents and baby sister. I might have all of the music stuck in my head and it is so worth the ticket prices. I also suggest you go to the Disney on Broadway Youtube channel and check out Circle of Life 360 video. In Google Chrome you are able to manipulate the view and turn the camera around as if you are on stage!

Bible Study. I am taking over as one of the co-leaders of my bible study so send lots of prayers that I can speak what the Lord wants our group to hear. It's going to be an adventure but I know that His plans are always the best plans.

Bridal Shower Gift. I have been working really hard on crafting a present for Ms. LC(I restarted the night of the Oscars and finished up on Friday night). Her bridal shower is on Saturday so expect a recap next week with lots of photos and I will reveal her gift!

I think that concludes a lot of what is going on right now in my life.

What's going on in yours? 
Any fun plans for this spring?

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  1. You really have been busy!! I was enjoying following March Madness...until Sunday when my Cavaliers choked in the last few minutes to Syracuse!


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