22 February 2016

Currently & OOTDs

Hey y'all,

I am sorry for the two week break but life got crazy and I wasn't feeling motivated or creative so I needed to step away since I only want to post great content I enjoy. So since it has been forever, lets catch up with some things with a "Currently" post. I love to read these on other blogs so why not? I also thought I would share some snaps/OOTDs from the past few weeks.

eating: All the ants on a log. It is my current go to snack after work and the gym before making dinner. I even have been having pb and raisins on Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain tortillas as breakfast.

drinking: Detox Tea. I have been loving this when I over indulged during super bowl weekend. I have also been loving green juices and smoothies again.

reading: I just finished The Sound of Glass for book club and I am about to start Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale.

wanting: All the dairy! I'm currently not eating dairy and its been hard but my stomach has felt so much better! It does take a lot longer at the store to double check all the labels for dairy but after having M&Ms on Valentine's Day and not feeling well I know I should say no and be careful. Any dairy free recipe suggestions are appreciated!

smelling. Fresh tulips. I ran to Trader Joe's this weekend and I am loving the fresh tulips on the counter in the kitchen.

listening. Kari Jobe's song Forever has been on repeat for me lately. I'm excited to see her in concert this spring!
watching. Sabrina The Teenage Witch. My roommmate and I started to watch the series on Hulu and we are almost done. It's crazy rewatching it and seeing all the old charachters of Salem, Harvey, Hilda & Zelda.

wearing: I wore this jacket throughout the weekends and got a lot of compliments on it. I saw it in store over my weekend away with my parents but it ended up being cheaper online.
Jacket/Scarf (gift)/Jeans

UNCvsDuke Workday outfit

Snow/Ice Day!

Cycle Class
Tank/Leggings/Jacket (old, similar)

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  1. Fresh tulips are the best! I'm so glad that they seem to be back out and about already for the season :)

  2. I love "currently" posts! I need to look into your Detox Tea, and I'm fascinated by your dairy detox, as well. I've been having stomach issues lately, and I wonder if I should cut out dairy and see if there is a positive effect. Also, I LOVE that you and your roommate are watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch right now! I may need to do the same! :)


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