18 January 2016

Miscellany Monday {Goals for 2016}

Hey y'all,

I know that I talked about revealing my goals for 2016 and I never sat down to just write them for you.

My words for this year are intentional and simple. I am someone that can say yes to everyone without realizing she has overbooked her life into a color-coded mess. I want to have a year that is filled with lots of encouraging friends, personal development and the Word. This means, not holding myself to the standard of the world but remembering enough is enough and focusing on what brings me joy.

Along with my words of the year I have a few goals in the categories of faith, fitness, and personal.

Read the entire Bible
This has been on my heart for some time and my church is actually walking through the bible this whole year. I have also been using the First 5 app every morning to start my morning in the Word.
Work on daily prayer
Faith is a conversation and a relationship and I know I need to work on the communication end of my relationship with the Lord. I have been listening to only Christian radio in my car and it has been great and meant I have been praying a lot whenever I am driving.

Go to the Gym 4 times a week
I love taking classes at my gym or even just going on the elliptical for 30-45 minutes but over the past few months I haven't been going and placing other commitments above my health. It has show in my fitness/weight loss journey and I want to get back to a routine.
Write down all foods eaten in my food journal
I bought a food journal since I know that when you are truthful to yourself and write everything down you can see where trends are happening and if emotional eating is playing a big role. This was actually a recommendation from my nutritionist.
Go dairy free for a month.
I am pretty sure that I have a mild dairy allergy. I tend to have a lot of pain when I eat dairy as well as having more congestion. I need to spend a month eliminating it from my diet to make sure.
Drink 100oz of water a day.
I know that 100oz of water seems scary but I actually have been pretty consistent this week in hitting this goal. Realistic goal for water is a minimum of 75oz of water a day with 100 being the main goal. Water has so many benefits and helps me feel so much better.
A 5K a month.
I do not run without something to motivate me so I have decided to run a 5K every month I already ran January's 5K and have signed up for February and April's.
Pay off two of my student loans.
I began paying my student loans in December 2012 and as of this summer my goal is to payoff two of my four loans. This is a huge accomplishment and will go towards my goal of paying all of my loans (student loans and car loan totaling about $50,000) off by the time I turn 28! 
We live in such a consumer culture and I am going to take this year and really focus on what I need not what I want. I went through my entire closet and purged. I also finally got a working file system. Small steps make a difference at the end of the year.
Serve More. 
I love to volunteer and currently serve as a Pre-K teacher at my church for the Saturday night services. I love watching children grow in their faith and this year I want to be consistent in serving at my church as well as finding other service opportunities in the Triangle.
Connect More.
I want to plan at least twice a month where I connect with friends, whether over coffee, dinner, or just going to a walk but growing community with others. It makes my heart happy to just sit and connect with others and listen about each others lives--the mess and the joys.

What are some of your goals for the year?
Do you settle on a word for the year?

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  1. Jess, these are SUCH fantastic goals! I love how you've organized them, too :) What food journal do you use/recommend? I've been keeping track of my calories these past few weeks and that would be a huge help!

    1. Thank you! I use the Blogilates fit planner for my food journal!

  2. LOVE these goals!! I've got a lot of the same health goals as you! I always try to find cute water bottles to keep me motivated to drink more water. I am also trying to downsize and simplify. I have so much STUFF and it is so unnecessary!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I have a collection of Tervis tumblers for my water cups!

  3. Connecting with others is also a goal of mine this year, and I love your idea of going for a walk! Once the weather gets nicer, let's find a fun place to walk together sometime! :)


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