31 January 2016

26 For My 26th

Hey y'all,

It's my birthday! So instead of the typical Sunday Sayings post I thought I would share 26 facts about me in honor of turning 26. Thanks Ashley for the idea!
one. I'm one of four kids. I have an older brother, older sister, and then my baby sister. I'm the only one who currently lives in NC.

two. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in English and minors in Art History & Women's Studies.

three. My pattern obsessions are polka dots, florals, and damask.

four. I cry in movies and books all the time. I still cry in Beauty and the Beast.

five. I teach Pre-K Sunday School and those kids are the best! Seriously, 4 year olds are pretty great.
six. I'm a great-great-great-great-grandbig. I love my sorority fam and still regularly see one of my littles and both my grandlittles.

seven. LaCoix water is always in my fridge. The best flavors are the Grapefruit and the Cran-Raspberry flavors.

eight. I danced ballet up until 5th grade when we moved to Europe.

nine.I'm not a very competitive person, except over games with my family. Think Disney Scene It, Phase10 or Jeopardy on PS2. It's intense.

ten.I'm a pen snob. Sharpie Pens for my planner and Bic Ultimate pens for everything else.

eleven. My favorite animals are: giraffes, sloths, and whales.

twelve. I'm an INFJ,

thirteen. I've never had a boyfriend.

fourteen. I wore head gear one summer. I had a lot of orthodontics work including a lip bumper but it all worked out!

fifteen. I drive a blue Toyota Corolla named Cora. She turns 3 on March 22nd.

sixteen. I'm a picky eater. Cooked veggies are one of my main aversions.

seventeen. I motivate myself to workout by putting cute stickers in my planner when I complete a workout.

eighteen. I lived in Germany for three years while my Dad was stationed over there.

nineteen. I have completed two half marathons.

twenty. I wear a black dress almost every week. Seriously, I own five black dresses but they are so easy for work. Just add a fun scarf or necklace and you are good to go.
twenty-one. I had my first kiss at 21.

twenty-two. I love musicals. My favorites I've seen are Wicked, Kinky Boots and A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder.

twenty-three. Kraft Mac and Cheese Shapes with dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets is my comfort meal of choice.

twenty-four.I love watching the stars. Really! Not just on nights of meteor showers, I have always loved sitting on my parent's driveway looking up at the universe in awe.

twenty-five. Even though I went to a college known for their basketball, football has always been my favorite sporting event to attend.

twenty-six. I'm allergic to cats, but that doesn't stop me from loving up on my parent's two kittens Max and Lily. I'm also allergic to benzoyl peroxide (acne medicine).

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and feel free to introduce yourself in the comment section with a few fun facts.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Cute stickers in (Lilly) planners are my favorite motivation as well!!

  2. Happy birthday! I'm so glad you said Gentleman's Guide is one of your favorite musicals! I saw it this past fall, fell in love but never met anyone else who has seen it to gush about it with! Isn't just amazing?!

    xx, Caitlin

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Jess!

    These 26 facts were SO much fun to read!!! You lived in Germany for three years? Which city? I'm so envious you got to live in Europe!

    Also, our musical tastes are just the same :) I saw Kinky Boots for a second time a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure there are few things that make me happier in this world than that soundtrack!

    P.S. I also have a blue Corolla! Mine turned three last month!!! Haha!

  4. Happy Birthday! That is amazing that you have done two half marathons! I'm obsessed with La Croix too. My first boyfriend was at 20 and six years later became my husband, so when it happens for you, it will really happen!

  5. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a great weekend celebrating & I love that you shared 26 facts for your birthday post! Good idea :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Cheers to rocking 26!! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill


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