29 December 2015

Toning Tuesday {Fitness Challenges}

Hey y'all,

Since it is almost the new year, I know a lot of people are setting goals and resolutions including ones about fitness. I know I am in that boat and I have a couple fitness related goals and I will share my January goals and the word of the year later this week but today I thought I would share some fitness challenges that are coming up since I think it is sometimes helpful to feel like you are part of a community and being challenged.
Barre3 4 week challenge (January 4th-January 31). The challenge is to take four 60 minute classes, do one 10 minute online workout and try one barre3 recipe each week. Although there is a studio in Raleigh, I am challenging myself to complete the barre3 challenge online. My plan is for 60 minute classes on Saturday and Sunday and then breaking it up to 4 30 minute sessions before my work day during the week.
TIU Challenge with Self. I love Karena and Katrina and they are hooking up with Self magazine for the Tone It Up Challenge. It will be an 8 week challenge and as usual, it's free! Each week K&K will post a workout calendar to follow along with some fun challenges and a brand new workout each Tuesday. Just follow along and have fun with the #TIUTeam

Blogilates Monthly Calendar (and Beginners Calendar). My babysister loves to workout with Cassey Ho aka Blogilates. Each month, Cassey emails out a workout calendar to follow along with her youtube videos. They are often set to fun pop music and Cassey is full of energy.

Create your own challenge. I am challenging myself to 12 5Ks next year. One a month. I am the kind of person that will only keep running if I have a race on the books so I am lacing up my sneakers and have my first 5K on January 1st!

Have you ever done a fitness challenge? Which one?
Do you have any fitness related goals for 2016? 

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  1. I want to start taking a weekly Barre class! I've been dying to try it for a while now, and I feel like classes are less intimidating in January because there are SO many people who are also newbies!

  2. Love this! Your blog is AH-DORABLE!


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