10 November 2015

Toning Tuesday {Half Marathon Finish}

Hey y'all,

For my first Toning Tuesday post I thought I would do a little recap of my second half marathon, the City of Oaks REX Healthcare Half Marathon on November 1st.

As far as training went, this time I didn't do much training...I know this is bad. I had a plan from Hal Higdon but I wasn't very motivated and would fit in runs here and there. I didn't run much at all the month before the race and was even recovering from a cold so I went into the race hoping I would just finish. I met up with the 3hr pace team (14 min miles) at the start and stayed with them for the first 9 miles. They were doing the Jeff Galloway method of running 2 minutes then walking 1min. This was great for me (minus the fact that we often were running up all the hills and walking down them). We were even a little ahead on time completing some 13:30 miles. I made it to the 10K mark at 01:31:14.

 photo IMG_2671_zpsmfrxdfcs.jpg
 However, after I hit mile 9 I decided to leave the pace group and hope I wasn't swept by walking the remaining 4 miles. My left ankle hadn't been happy for a good 5 miles and my hips were really tight. I threw on T. Swift's 1989 album as Chesson always recommends and made it to the finish line at 03:13:46 with my chip time being 03:06:50(2 minutes faster than the Bull City Race Fest marathon I completed last year with my baby sister which you can read about on my old blog here).
 photo 3155a70a-1e82-491e-9c6e-d1b622cddc35_zpsnmhbsxbg.jpg
 I of course sent my Mom a selfie with my medal when I finished.
 photo IMG_2668_zpsmrtemqoh.jpg

Also, my best guy friend came up from Atlanta to run with me. He completed the full marathon that morning (in under 4hrs!).

I think my favorite signs from spectators on the course were a sign that said, "This is what you do with an extra hour," and one that said "Smile if you are not wearing underwear."

Do you enjoy running? Favorite training plans?
Favorite way to exercise?

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  1. You're amazing, Jess! I am seriously always so impressed by anyone who can do long-distance running!!!

    Congrats on another half marathon in the books!


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