22 November 2015

Sunday Sayings {November 22}

Hey y'all,

As we prepare for Thanksgiving this week I felt that the verse "In everything give thanks"was very appropriate to begin the week with. Even with the stress of my job over the last few weeks I have felt very grateful for the family I have created in the Triangle pouring into me on weekends and of course for my actual family. I have the best support system and it is one thing on a long list of things I'm grateful for. This afternoon I started a list of things I'm grateful for including:
my job
clean water
patagonia pullovers on chilly mornings
best friends
supportive parents
my freedom bought by the sacrifice of many for this country
apple pie
the best bible study
fuzzy socks
a closet full of clothes
a roommate who watches Sabrina the Teenage Witch with me
a car that runs and the funds to put gas in the tank
sweet coworkers
flannel sheets
my college education
lunch dates with sorority sisters
my apartment
mac and cheese
 my siblings
blog readers
blue skies
a savior who died in my place

Have you ever made a grateful list?

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