13 November 2015

Five on Friday {November 13}

Hey y'all,

It's Friday meaning it is time to link up with some amazing bloggers and write about five things on my mind/favorites from this past week.

one. Duke vs. Carolina. So last Saturday I attended the Duke/Carolina game at Kenan Stadium for UNC's homecoming. It was my first game of the season and it was so much fun. The stadium was packed and Carolina demolished Duke 66-31. I can happily say that the Victory Bell will be in Chapel Hill for another year. photo 12189258_10205507764119132_6841106748173127905_o_zpswmwnjmx9.jpg
 two. Southern Weddings Magazine V8 Launch Party. Last night I was able to attend the Southern Weddings Launch Party of the new V8 at the Carolina Inn. I went with lSc who I will stand beside as she says "I do" in June. I am still dreaming of the Bacon Bar. It was a fun event of great food, mingling with vendors, fans and the SW girls. I even connected with Kristin over our sorority and was able to chat with Nicole. Random but Nicole and I have known each other since we were merely sophomores in college!

 photo IMG_3292_zpstaj0kpix.jpg
 Nicole and I
 photo 25bc35d4-9546-414e-9991-1400861d783e_zpsxumaspig.jpg
Also how fun is everything in the swag bag?

three. La Croix Passionfruit. Random fact about me but I was a big soda drinker in college. I do not drink coffee so I turned to soda as my source of caffeine and continued with that habit postgrad. Well, about two years ago, I kicked the soda habit. I now mainly drink water only with some tea, juice, and smoothies. I love La Croix sparkling water to mix things up and I recently grabbed the Passionfruit flavor from Target and y'all, it is so good. I honestly have about 5 favorite flavors of La Croix now.

four. Cycle. I finally made it back into the gym and took my favorite cycle class. The past two weeks have been rough emotionally at work so I have been eating lots of chocolate but going to a class always lifts my mood.

five. Name Change. My sorority sister and friend LJ posted on her blog the many reasons she was not changing her name after she got married and I think it is well worth the read. Plus, this means I can always call her LJ.

And bonus, how cute is this video, Harry Potter as told by kittens.
All 8 Harry Potter Movies in 7 Minutes -- With Cute Kittens!
Harry Potter has never been more amazingly intricate and FUZZY.
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