26 October 2015

Miscellany Monday {Grocery Haul}

Hey y'all,

I flew back into North Carolina this afternoon after a week visiting my best friend, aMl. It was so much fun to visit her in Chicago, but we are back to the real world tomorrow. One of my favorite types videos to watch on Youtube are grocery hauls. I think it is facinating to see what people buy at the store and hear different meals they anticipate making. So, since I ran to Trader Joe's earlier, I thought I would quickly share what I grabbed and the meals I plan on having this week. I hope you can forgive my blurry photo!

TJ Haul photo Trader Joes Haul_zpsmixx1fgv.jpg
What I Grabbed:
Celery Hearts
Mini Pearl Tomatoes
Thompson Raisins
Wisconsin Mild Cheddar
Frozen Strawberries
Green Onions
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Red Onion
Salad Mix
Organic Yellow Tortilla Chips

Breakfast: Chocolate Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie(recipe up next week)
Lunch: Leftover Taco Soup with Chips & Guacamole (recipe up Thursday)
Snacks: Ants on a Log; Apples & Peanut Butter
Dinner: Cobb Salad or Pasta with Meat Sauce or Salmon
Drinks: La Croix, Water with Lemon, Tea with Stevia

What are your go-to meals after you have been on vacation?


  1. Love this! My crock pot is my best friend when I come back from long trips. Every other week I also tend to throw a casserole in the oven with all of the misc. leftovers that I have from the week before, or groceries I never used. Tonight I threw frozen (thawed) pasta in a dish with olive oil, garlic, chicken, broccoli, shredded cheese (2 different kinds) and ritz crackers (that were stale and I crushed into bread crumbs). It was so good!!

    1. I love my crock pot as well! I have never thought of making a casserole from my leftovers! What a great tip!

  2. Such a healthy grocery haul, and all of these meal/snack items sound amazing! I'm going to pop a La Croix now just reading about it :)

    So looking forward to following you again, Jess!

    --Jenna (formerly of Leggings Love and now of www.lafemmelafanciful.com)

    1. La Croix is my jam! I'm so glad that you are back to blogging as well!

  3. Everything sounds delicious! I love Trader Joe's, I think I need to make a trip there this week!

    1. I love Trader Joe's as well! I typically just hit Aldi for veggies and things but I decided to treat myself to Trader Joe's.


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