16 October 2015

Hey Y'all


Welcome to Just Jess. A space of food, fitness, faith, fashion, and lots of fun! This is my third attempt at blogging and I can't wait to use this space as my own creative outlet.

I guess it's time for me to introduce myself.

I'm Jessica. 
I am a 20-something living in the Triangle of NC.
I'm a Tar Heel. 
I'm a book lover. 
I love school supplies and never go anywhere without my planner.
I have the best family ever. 
My sorority, Phi Beta Chi, gave me the best family and hundreds of sisters in college and beyond.
I love a preppy, classic, style. My favorite brands are kate spade, Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, LOFT, Vineyard Vines, etc.
My favorite food is beef stroganoff. Slowly learning to love green juices and quinoa.
Froyo is my jam.  
Country music has my heart.
Pink, Navy, and Carolina Blue are prominent in my life.

Any other questions? Ask away!


  1. It's cold and rainy up in Cincinnati tonight and now I am dreaming of beef stroganoff! :) Such a cozy meal!

    P.S. I am also a sucker for school supplies. Give a girl good office supplies, and she can take on the world.

    1. It's rainy here too! I have salad and a lot of garlic crescent rolls. I might share my Mom's famous beef stroganoff recipe this winter.

      I am such a pen snob at work, today someone tried to give me a Halloween pencil and I told them, no thanks, I don't use pencils! Give me a sharpie pen and I can conquer a to-do list.


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