20 October 2015

Getting the Party Started

Hey y'all,

I don't know about you but I like a schedule and a to-do list. Really, I have a whole drawer in my desk dedicated to post-its and notepads. So to start this blog off I thought I would give myself a little bit of a schedule and the goal to post a minimum of three times a week. Here are the themes I came up with.
 Weekly2 photo schedule dual_zpsrizxvvcj.jpg
 Sunday Sayings. This was started on my previous blog: Preppin' Postgrad. I typically spend Sundays getting ready for the week so I love to share a little bit of inspiration through quotes to meditate on throughout the week.

Miscellany Monday. Obviously this category is a catch all for things whether weekend updates, tales of my non-existent dating life, etc.

Toning Tuesday. As I attempt to lose the post-grad transition fluff I will post all things regarding fitness under this header whether a new routine, recipe, or cute work out gear.

What the Heck Wednesday. So my friends ESC and CNW are all avid readers and we send each other "book of the day" from suggestions we get from BookBub and BookGorilla. These books are commonly ones we think needed a lot more love from an editor based solely on the description. They give us a good laugh at lunch time. So Wednesdays will probably include some of these descriptions so y'sll understand along with other book reviews.

Thyme for Thursday. Obviously this one will be jam packed with all things food related whether favorite Trader Joe's items, snacks, Whole30 recipes, grocery hauls, etc.

Five on Friday. I love linking up with Darci, Christina, April and Natasha so I thought it should have a permanent place on this blog.

Saturday Snaps. A catchall of random things. Not just instagram round ups but snapshots into my life like OOTDs.

With all these categories I have already come up with over 50 blog post ideas! I have never had a list like that so get ready for at least 3 posts a week(my goal) or more!

Am I missing anything in my big categories?

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