Meal Plan Monday

Hey y'all,

My meal plan last week completely changed when Monday was in the 60s so I decided to make some taco soup. This weekend I did a pantry inventory so my grocery trip was almost all veggies and fruits. We are almost done with my month of gluten and dairy-free but I plan to extend into July since I have been feeling great and only had a slight reaction when I ate something that had skim milk powder in it. Here's my meal plan for this week, as a reminder I am single, currently working from home, and cooking just for myself. I don't mind eating the same thing for days since cooking for one portion is almost impossible.


L: turkey wrap. I use these Mission Gluten Free soft taco tortillas, deli turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and light mayo. Veggie straws. Grapes.
D: Chicken Stroganoff. I tweaked my mom's beef stroganoff recipe to make it dairy and gluten-free. I also swapped it for chicken in case it didn't work out (and I had chicken in the freezer).  Side salad.


L: turkey wrap. kettle chips. grapes.
D: chicken stroganoff. side salad.


L: turkey wrap. veggie straws. grapes.
D: Eggs, chicken maple sausage, English muffin. fruit.


L: chicken stroganoff. side salad.
D: Hamburger. Fries. Side Salad.


L: Hamburger. Fries. Side Salad.
D: Tacos - I use this recipe for the meat


L: Taco Fries. Taco meat. Sweet Potato Fries. Siete Foods Cashew Queso
D: out


L: brunch
D: Chicken Shwarma from the Defined Dish cookbook

Snacks this week:

Pretzels and Hummus
Popcorn thanks to my new air popper
Fruit Leather
Rice Cakes
Celery for Ants on a Log

What are you making this week?


Summer Reading List

Hey y'all,

Did anyone else always love the summer since it meant more trips to the library, the library's summer reading program, staying up late until 2 am finishing the latest Harry Potter book, and on occasion, some AP Literature summer reading? In college, summer meant finally getting to read "for fun" since I did so much required reading for my English literature courses. 

Every summer I tend to read more books and since Saturday is the official first day of summer, I thought it was time to share some books on my current summer reading list. I am lucky that our local library started "Books To Go" this week and I have an appointment this afternoon to grab a few books that have arrived off my holds list. I have been averaging five books a month this year so I am going to list 20 books I hope to read this summer and five others on my list if I am a more voracious reader. 

I am currently reading Tell The Wolves I'm Home and Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation* so I am not listing them here since I hope to finish both before Saturday. Since I typically read fiction I am listing 15 fiction and ten non-fiction books as a starting point for my summer reading. I did share on my May Reads post that I wanted to increase the BIPOC authors I read this year. I marked all BIPOC authors with an asterisk. 


Stamped - Racism, Antiracism, and You* - August Book Club Pick
The Radium Girls - I might pick this for October's Book Club